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Old 18th February 2012, 19:26   #1  -   
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Antialiasing setting doesn't affect dashboard preview

I use HD6750, tried also on 8600GT same result...
really annoying when you are near top speed and your speedometer needle moving slowly, you can see how every new pixel become white...
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Old 19th June 2012, 23:04   #2  -   
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I guess that means the needle isn't proper geometry which can be antialised by the most common AA techinques.
Super-sampling antialiasing should however smooth it out, but it's quite costy on performance.
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Can u tell me when will come out z31 crack?
It's already available!
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Old 21st June 2012, 16:25   #3  -   
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run highest card settings then highest game settings.

no improvement ? somethings gone wrong when you tried the above
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Old 22nd June 2012, 00:46   #4  -   
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This may be somewhat off-topic.. anyway, even the overlay-ed (through DirectX) items get filtered...
+1 about something, somewhere, going terribly wrong.
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2: AXMJ2800FHQ4C @2.2 ghz (FSB @200) / Msi KT880 Delta / Msi 6800 Ultra (AGP) 256 mb / 1 Gb PC3200 / XP pro-32 Sp2
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  Live for Speed > Bug Reports > Bugs - Program

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