View Full Version : Season 2009: Post-Season Discussions

10th December 2009, 01:59
Hello racers:

Thanks to all who raced this season, unfortunately it was a rather light season again for competition, but I feel that we've gotten a format that will work and be good for future seasons.

The format, for those who have forgotten already, is a mixture of permanent circuits and AutoX circuits.

In future seasons, I believe we will Keep BL1R with the chicanes and SO5 modified. FE3 and AS1/r are rather shite for this car it seems, even with the 25%. We will go with more tracks, and I have been working on a BlackWood Car Park circuit some.

Your comments on the season past and the future of the series are welcome. Keep the discussion civil, of course.

Again, thanks to all who competed, hope to see you next time we run this.