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14th November 2009, 15:38
Hello racers !

Talk about Round 6 of the 2009 MiniFBM Series here. I can't be bothered to write a stupid intro, because I have better things to do than repeat information that is already below. Apologies to those who like reading waffle. Mmm.. waffles. Please see the (soon to be) attached layout, which might also be on the NDR|MiniFBM 2009 server, providing that it is running*

*Server may not be running. Terms and conditions (http://www.chino.k12.ca.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/24537/Image/Facilities%20-%202008/Facilities%20Use%20-%20Terms%20&%20Conditions.jpg) apply.

Track: Aston Cadet Reversed (AS1R)
Qualifying: 20 Minutes
Race: Sprint 14 Laps / Feature 27 Laps

Timetable: All Times are in UTC.
Server Arrival Deadline: 17:55
Qualifying Session (20 Minutes) Start: 18:00
Sprint Race Start: 18:30
Feature Race Start: 19:00

Server Name: NDR|MiniFBM 2009
Server Password: (See PMs (soon))

As usual, it would be a good help to us, although not required, but it would still help if you could post here whether or not you'll be there.

Bonjour !



14th November 2009, 15:43
Is it today or tomorrow?

14th November 2009, 15:43

And Top Gear is now on 1 hour later, so I may be able to attend to do something

14th November 2009, 15:46
:o Top Gears back?! YESSSS :D

GreyBull [CHA]
14th November 2009, 19:47
I should be there.

Flame CZE
14th November 2009, 19:49
I am sorry but I won't be there this time :(

racer hero
14th November 2009, 23:14
I'll be theree.

15th November 2009, 10:05
:( Won't make it, I'm sorry... :(

15th November 2009, 11:18
I'll be there!

15th November 2009, 13:39
anyone got a set? :D

15th November 2009, 14:10
race_s? :P

I'll be there and I believe so will my brother :)

15th November 2009, 14:55
so if you disconnect, its 2 less competitors :(