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GreyBull [CHA]
5th July 2009, 15:17

You must confirm availability before each round in the thread labeled “Round 1 Sign ups” if its round 1 or “Round 2 Sign ups” if it is round two etc... If you do not confirm availability before 17.00 GMT (BST/UTC+1) you will have to start at the back of the grid for race one.

It seems that the admins forgot to create a sign-up thread for Round 1, as we don't have one less than 4 hours before the start of the event :rolleyes: That's what I'm creating it by myself, as the admins are too busy/not bothered enough to create one in a decent delay.

To be honest, I hate to be harsh with the people that organise events/leagues here, but here I feel like I'm obliged to do so to make the things changing.

So, here's my sign-up... Yann Laprevotte/GreyBull [CHA]/33(I hope this format is okay)... Count me in...

5th July 2009, 15:24
i'm confirming availability, although dinner may come too soon! also i haven't had time to practice all that much, so we'll see how it goes.

5th July 2009, 15:31
J. Taylerson #88

I'll be there :)

5th July 2009, 15:49

5th July 2009, 15:50
I'm in.

5th July 2009, 15:52
Tommy "Tomhah" Østgaard, number 66 will be there :)

5th July 2009, 15:55
Lol, 17.00 GMT (BST/UTC+1) - which one is it?

5th July 2009, 16:25
I've been completely mind****ed by the time, I've been thinking it was 1800 BST but now I've been told its actually 2000 BST meaning I'll probably miss the SR FOX League.


5th July 2009, 16:27
Its 6pm UCT (7pm BST - 8pm CEST)

5th July 2009, 16:28
K.Gasiunas #71

I'm here. :p

EDIT: I'm in Reserve list, and IDK what to do. :confused:
Ignore my confirm if necesarry. :D

5th July 2009, 16:37
Its 6pm UCT (7pm BST - 8pm CEST)

Ah, 7pm BST. Thanks for clearing that up. In other words, about 1hour 23mins?

5th July 2009, 16:38
Something like that :razz:

Can someone please confirm that Andy has sent everyone the PM? If so, could someone let me know the password, as it would be nice to broadcast a race rather than the welcome screen

5th July 2009, 16:42
i'm not able to participate

5th July 2009, 17:43
M.Runas #22


5th July 2009, 17:43
Qually in 15 mins guys

6th July 2009, 13:05
Sorry, but i couldn't participate, because i wasn't at home all weekend.

6th July 2009, 13:47
I'm sorry I didn't turn up... went for a drive and detoured to London... whoops lol