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24th April 2009, 21:21
I felt a bit of responsible to post this thread, cause it is something which hardly worked in round 1.

Safety Car
1.The Safety Car shall be used by administration to neutralize the race in the event of a car stranded on track or an incident.
2.When not deployed, the safety car shall park at the end of the pitlane, as directed by the Race Director, and wait for deployment.
3.The Safety Car shall ensure that its engine is running and is ready to take to course when the message “SAFETY CAR STANDBY” appears on screen.
4.When the message “SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED” appears on screen, and the track indicator button turns to “T: YELLOW”, drivers are to cease racing for position, and gently slow down and be alert for a situation anywhere on the track, and proceed around to catch the Safety Car queue.
a)Pitlane will close when the Safety Car is deployed. It will reopen when the field is satisfactorily in queue. Entering a closed pit will result in a drive-through penalty.
b)Cars are to obey Safety Car speed once they catch it. Should the leader not be the first car behind the Safety Car, the cars between the Safety Car and the leader will be ordered around it and are to continue around at a safe pace and in order, until they catch the queue.
c)Make every effort to pit the lap the pits open. Should all stalls be taken, take one more lap and come in the next lap. Do not wait more than three laps, as the Race Director has the option to recall the Safety Car and restart the race with not all cars caught up.
5.Should the Safety Car be deployed on the final lap, racing back to the chequered flag is permitted, although drivers are to be aware of any incident once they have taken the chequered flag and shall slow down quickly, yet safely after crossing the finish line
6.The driver shall be proficient in driving the vehicle that is chosen to be the Safety Car. The driver shall also be in Radio Contact with the Race Director throughout the race.

so these rules are already in the rulebook.

now, whats coming next? basically, after what have happened in Round 1, there should be a minimum distance between you and your opponent in front. This distance should be 3 car lengths (about 15m). In future failure to this may result into a Drive-Through Penalty. Additionally, if you hit another car due to a slight contact it results into a Stop&Go Penalty + 5 places for the next race. Heavier contact because of running aside of the car in front can result into a black flag.

Also important, even when you spin, you're still under safety car conditions, and you MAY NOT overtake. You sort yourself into the position in which you return.

A guidline about the procedure:

I see on the bottom on the screen "T: YELLOW" appearing. Additionally "Safety Car deployed" messages appear.
I slow down to an appropriate speed and close up to the guy in front.
I leave about 3 car lengths to the car infront. And I stay patient.
I do not brake and accelerate too hectic, to not confuse the cars behind me.
I do not overtake any other car, except if it has got severe problems.
I do not serve any penalties under a full course yellow
If I have spun / I was spun I stay in the position I recover in.
When "Safety Car in this lap" appears i can close up a bit. I stop any tire warming moves and keep distance sothat no accidents happen.
I stay patient. When green flag waves, I can go on throttle, and can chase the other cars.