View Full Version : Race 7 - Complaints, reports and penalties

22nd June 2008, 21:52
If you have to set up a report regarding an accident during race 7, post them within three days in a civilized manner and include a detailed description (involved drivers, lap/split, own point of view). We will then review the particular replay and announce possible penalties.

In case you want to create a short replay including the incident, use mpredit (http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=34419).

Under Review:
- none, deadline passed


Involved drivers: Mr Soocerer, eimer_, alpine159
Lap(s): not applicable
Explanation: unexcused absence
Evaluation: ignoring attendance rule
Penalty(ies): drivers will have to start from the back in the next race they are participating in

Involved drivers: Polma
Lap(s): Qualifying (2 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen7/Quali_l2_Polma.jpg))
Description: telepit during qualifying
Evaluation: violation of 2.4
Penalty(ies): warning

Involved drivers: Polma, DaveWS, LiMiTED, Kid222
Lap(s): Qualifying (1 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen7/Quali_l1_Polma.jpg),6 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen7/Quali_l6_DaveWS.jpg)), Race (12 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen7/Race_l12_Limited.jpg),18 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen7/Race_l18_Kid222.jpg))
Description: ignoring pit entry/exit lines
Evaluation: violation of 3.2.3
Penalty(ies): warning