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2nd June 2008, 09:51
For Round 5 LXO will leave classic asphalt circuits and go offroad - we expect to see a reshuffled pack and opportunities for those experienced on gravel. Nevertheless we'd like to give you some tips again:

Driving on gravel resp. low-grip surfaces in general requires time to get used to and some different driving techniques. Thus use this week to get adequate practice and knowledge how your setup behaves in emergency situations.
Be aware of the characteristics when driving on gravel: increased stopping distances, easier locking of tyres, more difficulties to swerve and hold a particular line, especially when you are racing close - hybrid tyres also provide less grip on tarmac.
Naturally the rule to avoid contact applies in RX as well.
Although the run-off area of the last turn is currently HLVC-conform (http://www.lfsforum.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=56601&d=1211469047), you are not allowed to use it on purpose during qualifying or race - violations will be judged as cutting.

Date: 2008-06-08, 18:30 UTC
Track: FE5R
Car: LX4
Qualifying: 20min
Laps: 20

Live timing provided by elitesquad: http://www.elitesqd.com/modules.php?name=LfsPb

2nd June 2008, 10:07
we expect to see a reshuffled pack and opportunities for those experienced on gravel.

That's me screwed then :D, I am slower off road than on (if thats possible) ;)

2nd June 2008, 16:03
Loco ftw. ;)

3rd June 2008, 13:57
Can't race in this one, I'm in Germany and probably doing 250km/h on the autobahn at that time :thumb:

March Hare
3rd June 2008, 19:44
Does anyone else think that this round will be full of action?

3rd June 2008, 20:21
Indeed. I think it'll be full of great racing but I'm scared of those lag hits. It's inevitable to have slight contact or very little bumping but the lag could turn those little bumps into a disaster. Hopefully not.

I still think this race should be interusting :D

*edit* Sorry but I might not show up his time :( Really, truly sorry. It's for personal reasons and the same reasons I wasn't on all day today.

8th June 2008, 11:29
I can't make it today, things need doing :(
Chances are I might not be around for next weeks either...

8th June 2008, 11:33
I'll be there, but I'll be firmly at the rear!!! :)

8th June 2008, 16:33
Dammit, F1 will be just about finishing by the time Qualifying is in full swing. I may be a little late. :shy:

8th June 2008, 20:32
Stats are now online at the LXO website.

@DaveWS: Annoying timeout. :(

9th June 2008, 14:46
Championship standings and penalties are now up-to-date. Since it is the half time of LXO now, it means (out of five racers with constant attendance and finishes) troy receives the first yellow flag bonus of 4 extra points. However, the counter has been reset and thus we'll see if the next one will probably change the final championship results after KY3R. :)

9th June 2008, 15:41
I almost didn't practice at all, did first laps just before EURO - F1 - LXO marathon has started. :) 6th spot in quali wasn't bad. Polma did jumpstart then, i moved to 5th and have pulled away from danowat. Top 4 group did the same thing, so i was all alone until the finish. I only had one big time in 10th lap while braking into T1. I touched grass with left tyres and crashed into ad barriers, happily only with light damage. Polma was closing gap very fast then, but in finish he was like 5 seconds behind. So 4th after Dave's unlucky disconnect.

I cannot make it into next race, because i'm racing in another league at same time.

10th June 2008, 14:02
You can now find the race report on the LXO website.
I cannot make it into next race, because i'm racing in another league at same time.
I've already included that in my notes. :)