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1st June 2008, 19:43
If you have to set up a report regarding an accident during race 4, post them within three days in a civilized manner and include a detailed description (involved drivers, lap/split, own point of view). We will then review the particular replay and announce possible penalties.

In case you want to create a short replay including the incident, use mpredit (http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=34419).

Under Review:
- none, deadline passed


Involved drivers: andrei221, Itar (CZ)
Lap(s): not applicable
Explanation: unexcused absence regardless of being online resp. reading PM on LFSF
Evaluation: ignoring attendance rule
Penalty(ies): drivers will have to start from the back in the next race they are participating in

Involved drivers: anttt69
Lap(s): Qualifying (1 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Quali_l1_anttt69.jpg))
Description: chatting
Evaluation: violation of 2.2
Penalty(ies): warning

Involved drivers: TAYLOR-MANIA
Lap(s): Qualifying (11 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Quali_l11_Taylor.jpg))
Description: leaving the pits again
Evaluation:violation of 2.4
Penalty(ies): warning

Involved drivers: Polma, eimer_, danowat, evilpimp, Rudy van Buren
Lap(s): Race (1a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l1_Polma.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l1_Polma2.jpg)/c (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l1_Polma3.jpg))

Polma braking very late, nearly missing the barriers
Polma spinning due to hitting tyres, eimer_ and evilpimp cannot swerve in time
drivers losing time or positions

Evaluation: unnecessary risky move on the first lap causing a chain reaction
Penalty(ies): DT penalty for Polma in the next race he is participating in

Involved drivers: danowat, blackbird04217, RiceBurner (GER), jwardy, de Souza, March Hare
Lap(s): Race (2a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l2_danowat.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l2_danowat2.jpg)/c (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l2_danowat3.jpg))

danowat braking very late, squeezing into blackbird04217's inside and causing both to spin
corner entry is blocked, following drivers have nearly no room and time to swerve
chain reaction resulting in a SC phase

Evaluation: unnecessary risky move on the second lap causing a chain reaction
Penalty(ies): danowat receives a 10s penalty on the final results of race 4

Involved drivers: [GR]Evolution, RiceBurner (GER), jwardy, de Souza, Polma
Lap(s): Race (3a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l3_Haris.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l3_Haris2.jpg)/c (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l3_Haris3.jpg)/d (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l3_Haris4.jpg)/e (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l3_Haris5.jpg))

[GR]Evolution spinning on the grass
[GR]Evolution trying to recover without checking for traffic and blocking two lanes, RiceBurner (GER) has no chance to swerve
chain reaction involving several drivers following closely
[GR]Evolution passing crashed racers

Evaluation: irresponsible and imprudent move of [GR]Evolution causing a chain reaction
Penalty(ies): [GR]Evolution receives a 10s penalty on the final results of race 4

Involved drivers: anttt69, J Myster
Lap(s): Race (5a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l5_anttt69.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen4/Race_l5_anttt692.jpg))
Description: anttt69 moving to the inside without checking for J Myster's position, nearly causing him to spin
Evaluation: careless driving
Penalty(ies): warning for anttt69

2nd June 2008, 07:30
Under Review:
- a lot!

Oh my, don't envy your job :thumb:

J Myster
2nd June 2008, 11:33
Lap 5 it was on the last bend can't remember who it was but i was inside, from my point was hit by a car on the outside ( i was tight as possible) who seemed to be intent on catching draft of another car. Then again on lap 12 a car went passed me, accross the track, just about missing me on after 2nd chicane can't really remeber who it was but it nearly left me with sme smelly stuff to dispose of :D

2nd June 2008, 16:52
Reviewed incidents and resulting penalties have been announced - if you think they are excessive, have a look at the replay from several camera positions. Furthermore we decided not to enforce the pit entry line rules too strict for this race as several drivers used them to accelerate safely after running over the grassy run-off area of the second chicane.

2nd June 2008, 18:38
Bit harsh, but it's your league.