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18th May 2008, 19:38
If you have to set up a report regarding an accident during race 2, post them within three days in a civilized manner and include a detailed description (involved drivers, lap/split, own point of view). We will then review the particular replay and announce possible penalties.

In case you want to cut a replay with the incident, use mpredit (http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=34419).

Under Review:
- none, deadline passed


Involved drivers: blackbird04217, danowat, Lococost, Lonely_Driver, J Myster, jwardy
Lap(s): Qualifying (1a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l1_BlackBird.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l1_Danowat.jpg)/c (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l1_Lococost.jpg)/d (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l1_Lonely.jpg)/e (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l1_Myster.jpg),10 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Quali_l10_Myster.jpg)), Race (5 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Race_l5_Ward.jpg),6 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Race_l6_Lonely.jpg),16 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Race_l16_Myster.jpg),27 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Race_l27_danowat.jpg),31 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Pits/Race_l31_Lococost.jpg))
Description: ignoring pit exit lines
Evaluation: violation of 3.2.3
1 point penalty on championship standings for danowat, Lococost, Lonely_Driver and J Myster
Warning for blackbird04217 and jwardy

Involved drivers: J Myster
Lap(s): Qualifying (1 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Quali_l1_Myster.jpg))
Description: chatting
Evaluation: violation of 2.2
Penalty(ies): warning

Involved drivers: andrei221
Lap(s): Qualifying (4 (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Quali_l4_Andrei.jpg))
Description: running out of fuel and leaving pits again after Shift+S
Evaluation: violation of 2.4
Penalty(ies): warning only, since he decided not to participate in the following race

Involved drivers: TAYLOR_MANIA
Lap(s): Qualifying (11a (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Quali_l11_Taylor1.jpg)/b (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Quali_l11_Taylor2.jpg)/c (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Quali_l11_Taylor3.jpg))
Description: slowing down unnecessary on the S/F straight, moving over the grass and pit lane
Evaluation: dangerous move regardless of traffic instead of using Shift+S to end his quali
Penalty(ies): DT penalty in the next race he is participating in

Involved drivers: Polma, danowat, TAYLOR-MANIA, evilpimp, Rudy van Buren
Lap(s): Race (1)
Polma and danowat braking late (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Race_l1_Polma1.jpg)
Polma running wide, pushing Taylor into evilpimp, causing him spinning (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Race_l1_Polma2.jpg)
Minor contact between danowat and Taylor, Rudy cannot swerve in time and hits spinning evilpimp (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Race_l1_Polma3.jpg)
evilpimp and Rudy losing several positions (http://lxo.musicbit.ch/Ligadateien/Strafen/Rennen2/Andere%20Vergehen/Race_l1_Polma4.jpg)

Evaluation: misjudgment of braking distances while racing close caused a chain reaction
Polma receives a 5s penalty on the final results of race 2
None for danowat

Involved drivers: DaveWS, Rudy van Buren, eimer_, J Myster, Polma, Mr Soocerer, TAYLOR-MANIA
Lap(s): Race (31/32)
Description: not performing cool-down lap or running out of fuel in the process
Evaluation: violation of 3.5.1
Penalty(ies): reminding advise for the cool-down lap rule - repeated offenses will result in penalties next time

18th May 2008, 19:51
I asked to review the crash in which I was involved in lap 1 but it's ok. I watched the replay and saw that it was kind of my mistake but thankfully I am the only one who lost positions because of that. (10 positions O_O). So no need to review that it was simple, 4 wide into last turn, didn't think they caught up to me that fast and didn't know they were there, took my line and got fishtailed.

I'm not too sad about it because in the end I finished 7th so I went from 16th to 7th which is a great achievement :). (even though many got unlucky with the fuel :P).

Anyways, so no need to investigate :).

Great racing guys.

Rudy van Buren
18th May 2008, 20:10
Well i made a movie from it..

Did somthing wrong so you need to switch to Polma's car youself pretty fast :P

Not that i wanto give a penalty but only show what happend.

18th May 2008, 20:14
Right, I didn't see it from Polma's view but it seems to me like a divebomb. :S I guess it could have been avoided :(. Anyways, doesn't matter in the end I only finished 1 place down from my quali position.

20th May 2008, 14:27
Reviews have been updated. As the rules regarding road markings were clearly stated since the start of LXO we are quite worried about the repeated offenses seen here - consequently all future races will include at least two cones to mark the beginning/end of the pit entry/exit lane to help avoiding further incidents. Please also take the cool-down lap seriously as it is part of every race as well.

Rudy van Buren
20th May 2008, 14:33
dont forget that me and Dave run out of fuell so we couldnt do the cool down lap ;)

20th May 2008, 14:36
We didn't, but basically it is your responsibility to put in enough fuel for the whole race including the cool-down lap.

20th May 2008, 14:56
OMG I just choked on my water! (Not kidding) I was reading then saw my name and was wondering what I did because I made sure I didn't do anything bad... Possibly the talking when my screen went black : / but I when I clicked on the image and saw the cut out of the line thats RETARDED! The rule in the league is perfectly fine and great by me, but I don't see how that line got crossed. I wish I had saved the qualify replay because I know I didn't cross it, I KNOW this because I practiced that over and over again and made sure I didn't do it in qualifying... Since this is a warning I don't really care, but I hope I remember to save my side of the replay next time! I also hop that this doesn't come back to give anyone points who actually stayed in the line... Its not the rule, and its obvious from the picture that I would be breaking that rule, but my complaint is that I know for a fact I didn't drive there!

20th May 2008, 15:53
I'm pretty astonished too... Apart from Polma's accident non of these incidents were in any way a safety risk to other drivers, nor were they of any advantage nor were they intendent.

Of course you're the boss and i'll accept my penalty, but it puts a bit of a damper on this league, I think these penalties will do more harm to the league then they do good.

Rudy van Buren
20th May 2008, 15:57
No but this rule does make the leaque look profesional, becaus in real life its the same even if its not dangerous for other drivers rules are rules.. i brake to late for pit entry got a DT but still nobody was in danger there aswell ;)

20th May 2008, 16:05
Bugger. I'll explain that -

I had some distractions around me here that put me off somewhat & probably made me panic a little.
I don't know why I didn't use Shift+S straight away, probably thought it would break some rules. Ha, the irony!

Also I had very little fuel left, so in consideration for the drivers behind me I thought it would be better to pull over to the pit exit, rather than to let it run empty in the slow T1 area or on the fast chicanes. Sorry :shrug:

But a DT seems rather harsh as it didn't in affect anyone. I would've had I not done that!
I just don't get why for my small mistake/lapse in concentration, which didn't hinder anybody, gets such a penalty...but then others who do hinder others don't get penalized?

Oh well, nevermind :)
I'll see you on Sunday hoping for a SC :D

20th May 2008, 16:10
True Rudi, I thought about this before I wrote the post, but IRL you wouldn't get a penalty for crossing the pitlane line unless stated in the drivers briefing (I know, pit entry was clear, logical too because it would give an advantage, but not pit exit), You also wouldn't get a penalty for running out of fuel, (you'd just get laughed at :p) and well, the other things aren't even applicable in real life.

20th May 2008, 16:24
Of course you're the boss and i'll accept my penalty, but it puts a bit of a damper on this league, I think these penalties will do more harm to the league then they do good.

The rules clearly state that you can not drive over pit lines at any time, doing so will cause a penalty. Everybody knew that and still we have so many people somehow forgetting about it? same thing with the cool down lap, it's part of the rules so we have to enforce that.

But a DT seems rather harsh as it didn't in affect anyone. I would've had I not done that!
I just don't get why for my small mistake/lapse in concentration that didn't hinder anybody gets such a penalty, but others who do hinder others don't get penalized?

was an unlucky situation for you there, still you had incoming traffic and people driving out of the pits, that made this move rather dangerous.


We don't want to punish people and change the face of the championship, but those rather harsh penalty's seem to be necessary to actually make the drivers read the rules. Trio's text would be just 20% of the size if everybody had a short look at the rules and plays according to them.

20th May 2008, 17:25
Opps, -1 pts FTW

20th May 2008, 21:00
Trio's text would be just 20% of the size if everybody had a short look at the rules and plays according to them.

I read them, and Trio knows this as I refreshed my memory that day again - even practiced the correct pit entrance and exit... Also I thoroughly believe I did abide by them, however somehow I managed to slide across the line on the server replay at least - I will accept the warning, but I do want it pointed out that leaving pits I really believe I stayed in the lane.