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21st April 2008, 19:29
Still got no setup fitting for the current race of the season?

Just ask politely in this thread and you will surely find nice people to help you out, or try to get one on the various sites that provide public setups, although they mostly are sets for one fast lap only, with a bit of work and tweaking they will definitely manage the whole race distance.

Setup pages:


March Hare
21st April 2008, 19:55
I would like to have a stable set for the LX6.

I'm going to use the VHPA to make something that suits my driving but an example set would be a nice starting point.

PS. :thumb: for getting the subforum started.

21st April 2008, 20:16
i guess that could be a good starting point: http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?p=371488#post371488

didn't try it so far but i'm sure jtbo has enough knowledge to get a decent set together :)

March Hare
22nd April 2008, 14:54
Thanks for the tip! I got it and modified it a bit and it's coming along nicely.

Rudy van Buren
30th April 2008, 22:03
just use very high camber in the back and a high rebound damping in the back.. ;)

10th May 2008, 23:48
Uploaded the latest version of my setup for the upcoming Westhill race.


de Souza
13th May 2008, 03:09
Hi. I spent the free time I had today working on a setup for AS2, and the result is here. That's pretty much what I'll be using in the race.

Tried to make it friendly over fast, pb was 1:10.15 with 40% fuel wich doesn't seem bad for my standards. Hope it helps. :)

Edit: just realized that it's the reverse configuration. I'll see if I can edit the setup later tonight :/

Edit: done. Again pb 1:10.1... Sorry for the mess. :schwitz:


March Hare
13th May 2008, 06:42
friendly over fast
Sounds like my kind of set. I'll give it a try later. Thanks.

28th May 2008, 00:11
Here's a set for the KY1 layout. Tire wear or heating doesn't seem to be a problem so it's all about max grip, to a limit. It's a bit too loose, getting out of corners needs smooth loud pedal. Did a 1.00.57 or so with it and there's at least .5 to gain on a good lap. Prolly the setup could need some fine tuning too but it's imho ok as it is :).

Essentialy it is just an edited Ky2 set, which is slightly edited again from somewhere else...

15th June 2008, 07:17
Anyone have any decent AS6 sets for tonights race?

15th June 2008, 11:00
i used one for as4r during the week, worked pretty well. it won't work for the whole distance, but with less camber and more pressure you should have a good race set.

15th June 2008, 11:21
Thanks troy :)