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13th June 2007, 21:13
Talk about the league here, nowhere else!

15th June 2007, 04:15
Come on we got the race tomorrow! MRT's!

15th June 2007, 23:08
Race starts in around 52 mins
quialifications start ing 22 mins

16th June 2007, 00:44

The race was sorta messed up today, because many people were joining late. And some people were crashing. But still, we had a winner even though we didn't finish the whole race.


He ran perfect laps until the crashes finished him off. I think that we should start the races a bit earlier because some people can't make it, because its really late.

22nd June 2007, 01:53
BF1's Race Tommorow!

Looking forward to it :D

22nd June 2007, 11:26
BF1's Race Tommorow!

Looking forward to it :D
looking fwd to this race...could be a lot of incidents with fast cars that get faster and looser with drafting, not to mention when the field gets spread out, could be blue flag mayhem...this is gonna be fun!

25th June 2007, 20:38
Season 1 ended with only 1 successful event, the BF1/Oval event. I hope that more people will show up for season 2. If you have any suggestions for season 2, feel free to post them here.