View Full Version : 24 Hours For Real?

11th June 2007, 06:31
hi everyone im just waiting on my licence and i just wondered when will the next 24hours event be.Is it acutally 24hours the race lasts??.how do people survive please someone explain to me what goes on thanks

11th June 2007, 06:47
First of all you need S2 ;)

And I have no clue when the next race will be - depends on who is going to organize it. At least, its not likely that it will be this year.

11th June 2007, 06:48
This is team competition, so 2-6 ppl drive 1 car, and switch in pits

Danny Engles drove full race distance (24h) in RB4 and was 2nd in his class i believe. There are more car classes, GTR's, FWD GTR's, LFR and TBO.

We don't know when is going to be next event... maybe in a year.. :D no one knows :shrug:

14th June 2007, 09:56
It would be great if it was organised together with the real 24H race in Lemans this weekend... Too bad our team missed the first 24H next time we will be there... :thumb:

21st June 2007, 12:11
Danny Engles drove full race distance (24h) in RB4 and was 2nd in his class i believe.


14th December 2007, 00:15
How do people switch between cars in LFS?

14th December 2007, 05:52
When driver 1 is racing, and the next driver is spectating(driver 2). Driver 2 clicks on the "T" by the side of Driver 1 in the connections list (press N).
Then Driver 1 also presses the T to accept ( i think it'll be in green) and then when Driver 1 pits, once his pit stop has finished you'll be swapped over!

Setups and Skins won't be changed when you swap. Only the crash helmet design will. (iirc).

Hope you can make some kind of sense out of that :)