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21st January 2007, 16:01
Acho interessante termos isso divulgado aqui tb, então to botando algo em inglês aqui pros gringos tomarem conhecimento! Ah! E to botando Link na minha assinatura pra esse tópico!


Brazil vs Portugal Challenge!

As of now, it is happening a challenge between two brother nations: Brazil and Portugal.

The challenge will have 4 races, with 2 combos being the brazilian choice and the opther two the portuguese choice.

The Brazilians chose the XRT at Westhill and the XRG at Fern Bay Gold. The portuguese picked the FZR at Aston GT and FOX at South City Town Reversed.


14/01 - 1st Race
XRT at Westhill, Brazilian Server
26 laps

28/01 - 2nd Race
FZR at Aston GT, Portuguese Server
20 laps

11/02 - 3rd race
XRG at Fe rn Bay Gold, Server to be decided (due to lag problems in the first race)
28 laps

25/02 - 4th Race
FOX at SO Town Rev, Portuguese server
40 laps

Pit stops are required.

Scoring Table:

1º - 20
2º - 16
3º - 13
4º - 11
5º - 10
6º - 9
8º - 8
8º - 7
9º - 6
10º - 5
11º - 4
12º - 3
13º - 2
14º - 1

21st January 2007, 16:20
Brazil Dominates 1st Race of the Challenge!


São Paulo, Brazil - On last sunday, January 14th, ocurred the 1st race of the Brazil x Portugal Challenge. The challenge had its structure determined so things could be equal for both countries. Our brothers from the Old Continent chose two combos, while the Brazilian organization picked another two.

The first race took place in Westhill, with the XRT (Brazilian combo). Each country could pick eight drivers. The brazilian drivers were chosen based on the LFSBR criteria (hotlaps).

The only portuguese driver who represented a real threat to the brazilian dominance was D. Santos (LFSW username: Max-Biaggi). In the rest of the positions, Brazil head a clear edge over Portugal. And this tendency showed in the qualifying, with the brazilians taking the better part of the grid.

After two contested restarts, the 'real thing' came up. Mogar Filho (LFSW user name: Mogar - WR holder for this combo / BRA) had the pole position, with Igor Kops (LFSW username: IgorBK / BRA) on 2nd and Carlos Wrobel (LFSW username: carlos h wrobel / BRA) in 3rd. The best portuguese was A. Soares (LFSW username: freeman29), on 7th place.

A touch between Wrobel and Kops in Turn 2 didn't do much good for the brazilians, with Kops e Mogar Filho falling to 5th and 6th place, respectively. Wrobel took the lead, with Fábio Eichler (LFSW username: Metal HeaDshot / BRA) in 2nd, with a safe lead. Renato Machado (LFSW username: brg renato / BRA) and A. Soares (POR) had a fierce battle in the middle of the crowd.

After the 11th lap there were no more good battles for positions, with the brazilians dominating the race. After the abandons by Wrobel (who was the leader at the time) and Mogar Filho (after an unfotunate touch with Marcio Campos - LFSW username: CamposMIC / BRA), Igor Kops took the lead for good and won the race.

Soon, the results and replays will be available for download at www.lfsbr.com, at the Resultados section (in portuguese).

The next round of the Challenge will take place at Aston Grand Touring, with the FZR. As this was a choice made by Portugal, the brazilians expect a bigger challenge this time.

Small video of the first race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2kb24IJrAY

Final results of the race:

1º. Igor Kops (BRA) - IgorBK
2º. Fábio Eichler (BRA) - Metal HeaDshot
3º. Renato Machado (BRA) - brg renato
4º. Márcio Campos (BRA) - CamposMIC
5º. C. Tiago (POR) - tiagolapa
6º. Luís Gustavo Paim (BRA) - Luiggi
7º. A. Soares (POR) - freeman29
8º. P. Ferreira (POR) - [SNEK]
9º Gabriel Sanabria (BRA) - Motörhead V8
10º. N. Marques (POR) - Falcon_PT
11º. P. Marques (POR) - GTR_PT

Didn't complete:
Mogar Filho (BRA) - Mogar
Carlos Wrobel (BRA) - carlos h wrobel
P. Perdigão (POR) - indie
Bessa (POR) - Bessa74
D. Santos (POR) - Max-Biaggi

Scoring table after 1st round: